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Can performance be specifically created to induce feelings of calm, joy and wellbeing? 

RELAX invited artists to create a short performance piece to help audiences experience a moment of wellbeing. Held at Watersale, Sale in November 2019 to mark World Mental Health Awareness Day.

Audiences were encouraged into a welcoming space and invited to 'mind dump' their worries and stresses at the door, along with their bags and coats.They were treated to a wellbeing goody bag, which contained useful information about mental health services as well as a plethora of gifts including essential oils, wellbeing colouring kit, bath bombs and mind distractors. 

Four artists took to the stage with performances designed to generate a sense of calm, and tranquil joy within the audience. 

Kayleigh Harper began the evening with a work inspired by her passion for dancing solo in their room. The work encouraged audiences to take a leap and dance like no one was watching, vent their workday stresses and sink into the evening. 

Poet, Roma Havers calmed audiences with spoken word and a collaborative writing exercise which produced uplifting poetry around the theme 'You Are Enough". 

Somatic wellbeing professional and movement artist, Fae Wolfe performed a grounding performance ritual which inspired the audience to focus on their bodies and their connection to the environment and others.  

Sound artist, Markus Hetheier ended the performances with a guided journey through sound. This mediative moment was peppered with joyful observations from Markus, which kept the audience serenely smiling.


Finally, audiences were invited to contribute positive thoughts, feelings and declarations to the positive vibes board on their departure. 

RELAX is a companion event to the theatre performance Staying In, which explores mental health and identity.

Creator Mark Croasdale

Project Manager Chloe Barlow

Support Amy Vreeke


Kayleigh Harper, Roma Havers, Markus Hetheier & Fae Wolfe


"Made me forget the outside world for a few hours and my hectic and crazy life"
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