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© Mark Croasdale 2019

Staying In

It’s all about being out and going out... isn’t it?

In a world which feels like you either go out or miss out, we invite you to the theatre for a good ‘night in’. A show with face masks, herbal tea, and some illuminating truths about mental health and sexuality.

Beset by social anxiety and fuelled by internalised homophobia, Mark agonises over the correct way to be himself and connect with other people.


Staying In opens the door to a night in alone, beyond the glamour of your carefully curated Instagram feed.


It’s a humorous and vulnerable look at a side of ourselves rarely spoken about.

Premiering Mon 18 November 2019 at Waterside, Sale. 


Staying In is supported using public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England. Co-commissioned by hÅb, STUN + Contact for Works Ahead. Developed with support from Waterside Arts & Creative Industries Trafford and supported by a grant from Superbia at Manchester Pride.

A list of references within the work can be found here

Images by Tamsin Drury & Lee Baxter

What audiences are saying...

"I was quite unsettled"
"An accurate portrayal of anxiety and self-sabotage"
"I was moved and related to it a lot"
"I was left wanting more"
"This is relevant to anyone who’s ever felt nervous"
"It is no ordinary piece. Not for everyone, but important"

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