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“Is it heredity? Is it learned? Is it something you grow out of?”

'Staying In' is a queer bonanza of custard creams, tea and truth. An intimate story of sexuality, anxiety and learning to love jam-packed with music and memories. This journey of self discovery invites audiences to a queer night in alone & delivers the expert’s guide to making the most of herbal tea, biscuits & wellbeing.


Exploring Mark's own sexual & gender identity and experience living with anxiety whilst interacting with the straight and gay communities. This work questions why staying inside feels like the only place Mark fits in and is a humorous and vulnerable look at a side of ourselves rarely spoken about.


Producer - Mark Croasdale
Media & Lighting Design - Lyndsey Akehurst & Jason Crouch
Vocal Coach - Tom Guest

Outside Eye - Keisha Thompson 
Production Photography & Artwork - Lee Baxter
Video Production - Modify Productions
Producing Support - Ross Carey (Waterside) & Chloe Courtney (Contact)
Mentor and Creative Guidance - Tamsin Drury (hÅb)

Supported using public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England.

Developed and supported by a grant from Superbia at Manchester Pride & Creative industries Trafford. 

Programmed by Waterside.

Staying In R&D was co-commissioned by hÅb, STUN + Contact for Works Ahead 2019


"Both gentle and painful and I’m
so glad I got to see it." - Audience Member, Waterside (2019)



A one-off special film adaptation of Staying In developed for Queer Contact 2021. A redeveloped script paired with director Lowri Evans completely reimagining visual experience, this adaptation is a guide to being seen and a lesson in disappearing. 

Spilling The Tea is an intimate yet explosive filmed performance about coming out, fitting in and finding ways to belong.

When the make-up starts to crack, the magic fades and the world around you seems too complex, do you ever just want to escape?

Director Lowri Evans

Script Consultant Keisha Thompson

Production Team Amy Chandler & Rob Athorn

Sound Designer Rory Howson

Film Team Modify Productions

Producer Lauren Banks

Outside Eye Cheddar Gorgeous 

Supported using public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England.

Commissioned by Contact

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