A new work in development by Mark Croasdale & Tom Guest.

First shared as part of Turn On Festival 2020.

Read the 5* reviews at Canal Street Online & The Play's The Thing

Join Barbara and husband Bernard, for a sing-song around the piano at one of their legendary candlelit suppers.

Barbara lives in an effortless era, when tea came from a pot, the milk was poured first and crumpets were for butter, not jam.

But this is the present and it’s all got a little more complicated.

Delight in a graceful, stylish afternoon of nostalgia as this couple learns to cope in a fractured time. 

Through this work we aim to create conversations and awareness around dementia - a word we're using to describe a variety of complex, distinct conditions relating to the brain and the body. 

It would be insincere to ignore the fear & sadness surrounding dementia. However, we hope to create safe spaces for the public to gently explore and reflect on these conditions, connect with each other and begin to celebrate the new ways people are 'living well with dementia'. 

We aim to research and develop this project in 2022 and uses performance & music as a tool for change. 

What audiences are saying -

"Full marks to Mark and Tom for lifting the lid on the Pandora’s box that is dementia, where just when everything seems to be lost, one thing remains: Hope".

"It was excellent. Ups, downs, highs, lows, lots of laughter & some tears... It was an emotional rollercoaster in the most extraordinary way".

"It was a lot of fun, which is just how I'd want the subject matter to be approached more".

"A gentle rollercoaster riding the simple pleasures & profound challenges of life".

"It reminded me just how important it is to talk about dementia and how important music is in that".

"Fantastic - a great balance of comedy and heart-felt discussion on a serious issue".