Part of the Carnival of the Bold by Coalition of Mischief, Changemakers Festival, Sydney NOVEMBER 2013


The ArtisTree encourages the community to pull together and share their thoughts on our global society. 


Guests of Carnival of the Bold were encouraged to share their thoughts, hopes, actions and stories about social change and art by hanging them on the tree. 


"If one voice has the power to make change, a choir of voices can change the world"



Read the audience thoughts below and learn more about Carnival of the Bold here.  


What did the audience write down?


"Every song, every story, every word of hope leads us all down a path of discovery to a brighter future.” ~ Scott Lopez



We are not individuals but a collection of artists painting our own dreams from the dreaming of soul consciousness” ~ Kevin Rack



When you feel down pick up an instrument, start a monologue or start a protest. Don’t let them see your tears. Let them see you ‘express’ those tears!” ~ Rudy Bilani



If a tree could riot, what would it look like? Our privilege, our curse has us speechless too. How to build a loving riot…” ~ Lisa Byleveld



I wish that our leaders globally would appreciate the power of art to heal, educate and change the world.” ~ Naomi Doyle



Listen to Indigenous knowledge to care for our planet.” ~ Lynn Davis



I think not enough people stop to think of all the homeless people on the streets. We may pass them everyday during our busy lives and drop a couple of coins. But I think we should stop and talk to them. Because everyone has a story.” ~ Olivia Pek



Everybody has a song to sing, so sing!” ~ Patrick Hayes



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