Carnival of the Bold




Producers Kevin Bathman & Zara Choy

Production Manager Rosemary Shapiro-Liu

Stage Managers Mark Croasdale & Emma Lockhart-Wilson

Carnival of the Bold held its inaugural event at the Changemakers Festival November 2013 at New Theatre, Sydney, Australia. Showcasing a mix of performances and work by various artists, the night touched and entertained whilst connecting the audience with changemakers and others who care about a better world. 


The line up included;


Simon Hunt aka Pauline Pantsdown: Political Satire Artist

Adam Hill aka Blak Douglas: Indigenous Artist & Activist

Ande Kindryd: African American Storyteller

Mikey Leung: Social Change Photographer

Chris Wright: Slam Poet & Political Ecologist

Melanie Lee: Children’s Book Author, Illustrator & Speaker

One World Choral: Culturally Diverse Choir


Paul Capsis, Australia's favourite cabaret singer and actor emceed the night and special guest Deputy Mayor, Robyn Kemmis officiated. 


Photography courtersy of Dusk Devi Vision.




Carnival of the Bold
Coalition of Mischief
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