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Working with FutureEverything for CityVerve, Mark along with Megan Griffith led presentations and workshops at Manchester's 'Everything Is Connected' event as part of Smart City Live. 

The event reported the findings of aspects of CityVerve and other smart city projects. CityVerve collaborated with the private sector to engineer smart street lighting solutions whilst Triangulum has worked with MMU to develop a smart city battery along with new apps and digital resources for communities.

Five Community Champion events took place across the city inviting the public to respond to a series of provocations about what a smart city might look and feel like. At this event Mark led workshops presenting back findings from the Community Champions (of which Mark was one) and further gathering insights from industry leaders. These workshops focused on the Community Champions approach to creating a positive tailored, person focussed workshop experience in which technology and wider themes are introduced, exploring ideas around new technology rather than simply the technology itself.

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