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Previously 'The Pleasure Parasol'



An intimate performance experience for up to 5 visitors. Audience members enter a playful space and explore their sexual identities with a priestess performer. It invites visitors to think about themselves in terms of ‘pleasure’ using a comical clash of old pagan myths and modern-day sex rites. 

Audiences are invited to join the androgynous, alcoholic, heavily pregnant, high commander of ceremonies in the protected circle (a circle of condoms). Call the four elements of the sexual universe together and desend under the mystic parasol. Guests hear the story of the God and Goddess, the circle of birth, death and re-birth and are invited to celebrate the summer rituals of sexual potency.


Participants consult the sacred crystals to chose between three rituals;


  1. Quest to discover your sexual spirit animal - A cryptic card reading in which fate and chance converge to uncover your sexual attributes and destiny. Will you find the queen bee, the loyal dog, the luminous angler fish, the cunning cat, the shy armadillo or the mythical unicorn? 

  2. Cleansing of sexual demons - A rhythmic, transcendental ceremony in which the sacred flames devour the demon exes of your past. Climaxing in a shower of erotic spray. 

  3. Sexual Prowess Meditation - take time to reflect in your mind mirror and allow your secret fetishes to blossom into being. Break the light bond between worlds and leave a wish on pleasure parasol. 

Creator and Performer Mark Croasdale

RITE Producers Short&Sweet: Manchester

Photographer & Film maker Adam Bibilo

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