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'I Scream' a pop-up, absurd history lesson telling the story of ice-cream through the ages. From spreading disease across Manchester to starting the English Civil War, ice-cream was behind it all. Or so they say anyway. A short, camp romp through time with our favourite dessert helping us question the truth and empower us to protest. 


Created for the Cap & Dove project; is a travelling mini arts centre, which houses a tiny theatre, museum and a shop. The arts centre on wheels traveled to the heart of communities in Greater Manchester between August and October 2021.


As a theatre, Cap & Dove presents a live performance programme at each of the tour locations. The Cap & Dove ensemble are six artists and theatre makers from Greater Manchester.

Lead Artist Joshua Sofaer

Structure designed and built with Tim Denton

Additional design by Maisy Summer, Caroline Dowsett, Joe Hartley of Standard Practice, Zaynah Arif (Textiles and Surface Design, University of Bolton) and workshop participants across Greater Manchester

Research and development by Rule of Threes

Images Richard Tymon

Commissioned by Greater Manchester Arts, a network that represents the arts services and cultural trusts of all the ten districts of Greater Manchester.

Supported by Greater Manchester Culture Authority (GMCA) as part of the Great Place programme, which supports new partnerships and different ways of working together to demonstrate the power of culture in Greater Manchester

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