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When Semoyan decides to take his own life word gets out and he finds himself besieged by sympathetic visitors – all begging him to kill himself on their behalf. Suddenly Semoyan is an important man!


Freely adapted from Nikola Erdman's The Suicide. Nikolai Erdman’s celebrated comedy, critical of a totalitarian state where informing and corruption thrive, was banned by Stalin before it was even performed. This is biting socio/political comedy in the best Russian tradition: Chekhov meets Gogol meets Dostoyevsky as satire spins off into farce then veers back into existential musings and acclaimed UK playwright Moira Buffini has turned it into a vigorous, modern black comedy.

Writer Moira Buffini 

Director Peter Talmacs

Music Directors Tom Albert & Thomas Talmacs

Set Designer Tom Bannerman

Lighting Designer Tony Youlden

Costume Designer Jennifer Post

Stage Manager Mark Croasdale

A New Theatre Production


"A very funny show … a work of comedy that is reminiscent of the art that laughs in the face of adversity."
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