Dying For It



Freely adapted from Nikola Erdman's The Suicide 

Writer Moira Buffini 

Director Peter Talmacs

Music Directors Tom Albert & Thomas Talmacs

Set Designer Tom Bannerman

Lighting Designer Tony Youlden

Costume Designer Jennifer Post

Stage Manager Mark Croasdale


When Semoyan decides to take his own life word gets out and he finds himself besieged by sympathetic visitors – all begging him to kill himself on their behalf. Suddenly Semoyan is an important man!

Nikolai Erdman’s celebrated comedy, critical of a totalitarian state where informing and corruption thrive, was banned by Stalin before it was even performed. This is biting socio/political comedy in the best Russian tradition: Chekhov meets Gogol meets Dostoyevsky as satire spins off into farce then veers back into existential musings and acclaimed UK playwright Moira Buffini has turned it into a vigorous, modern black comedy.

“A very funny show … a work of comedy that is reminiscent of the art that laughs in the face of adversity.” suzygoessee.com 


“A farce with some serious meat behind it. You’ll laugh, you’ll think, and then you’ll laugh some more.” Jodi McAlister 


“The director makes this clever farce come alive and the entire cast shine with the exuberance that makes this a truly fun night.” Veronica Kaye 

New Thetre, Sydney
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