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Part show, part consultation, Devices is a conversation over the phone between one performer and one audience member. Together, you’ll talk about health, care, technology – and the intersections between them. A visual artist will be listening to your chat, and will create a piece of artwork for you inspired by your responses, posted to you.

This project has been developed with researchers at the Universities of Manchester and York who have been exploring wearable health technology. From fitbits to smartphones, tech can help us to monitor our bodies and the way we feel. For people with long-term health conditions, this data can be invaluable. But what are the considerations around privacy, trust, and quality of care that we should be aware of?

Lead Artist Mark Croasdale

Performers Mark Croasdale and Lucy Barker

Visual Artists Brontë Palmer, Caroline Dowsett, Ibukun Baldwin, and Julian Gray
Producer Chloe Courtney

Production support Jack Darcy

Commissioned by Contact, The University of Manchester and The University of York

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