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Commissioned by Manchester International Festival & ANU Productions 2019


Creator/Lead Artist Keisha Thompson

Director Louise Lowe

Assistant Director Samantha Cade
ANU Producers Lynnette Moran and Matt Smyth

Associate Artist Mark Croasdale

Actor Etta Fusi

Inside an ambulance, a paramedic on a break faces up to the consequences of her choices. What makes someone worthy of care today – and what made them worthy 200 years ago?

An interactive installation and performance piece, audiences experience a monologue and are invited to explore poetry hidden in plain sight, whilst listening to an audio soundscape. 

Part of 15 artistic interventions inspired by those who died during the Peterloo Massacre of 1819, but also by the lives, stories and concerns of today’s Mancunians: from zero-hours contracts to climate change.

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