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The piece was a response to the issue of Asylum Seekers in particular the stimulus 'Out of Sight, Out of Mind'. 


This work invites an individual to reflect on the journey of an asylum seeker, through gathered true-life stories.


This immersive audio installation asked audiences to understand the importance of identity and the consequences of forced assimilation by playing with the procedure which asylum seekers are catalogued with upon entry to Australian immigration detention facilities.

Members of the public were invited to fill out paperwork and have their photo taken before disappearing through a door into the experience as a soundscape floods the box with curated true stories about life as an asylum seeker. The viewer peaks through holes and sees partial scenes from the studio; people viewing other art works, crowds chatting or people looking towards the installation itself, seemingly oblivious to what or who might be inside. 


The viewer’s photograph is issued with a number, generated from the paperwork and displayed. The viewer watches their own photo develop through the peep holes., with some polaroid images distorting as they react to metal compounds in the fixtures.

Part of the ARTillery Sydney project created by Amnesty International, PINE STREET GALLERY, NSW, AUSTRALIA

Mark would like to thank and acknowledge the translators and voice artists; Margarita Gershkovich, Brynn Loosemore, Nina, and also Tom Bannerman for the expert construction of the piece.

Listen to the experience here


"If everyone could view this we would view each other differently."
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