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A temporary art installation highlighting the rich textiles industry in Ancoats and the mix of decay, demolition and conservation in the area. How can we move forward whilst honouring the past and not forgetting where we've come from? 

Marks worked on the Murry’s Mill Building and across the Jersey Street Elevation, attaching over 300 pairs of wings to the fragile brickwork. Each set is unique, made from cotton, cardboard and adorned with colours and gold leaf.


These temporary installations each latest for three months between April and August 2013.

Graciously funded by The Homes and Communities Agency (HCA).   


The Angels In Ancoats accompanying film was created by Rebecca Anne Luck. The film premiered at The Handmade Film Festival (2013) and has been part of Sheffield Doc Fest Videotheque (2014) and Cornerhouse Filmed Up Festival (Sep 2014).

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