Angels In Ancoats




Ancoats has a rich history involving the British cotton industry.


Unfortunately with the decline of the textiles industry this area became neglected. In the 1960s, the government enforced a mass clearance on the terrace homes. The mills in the area fell into disrepair. 


When Mark found himself living in this area of the city, he was immediately struck by the mixture of decay, demolition and construction in the area.


Coupled with a fear of his own inadequacies and an empathy for this seemingly forgotten landscape, he sought to set these bricks and buildings free by giving them wings. 


This project grew over several months with the help and support from members of the Ancoats community. 

Marks worked on the Murry’s Mill Building and across the Jersey Street Elevation, attaching over one hundred and fifty pairs of wings. Each set is unique, made from cotton, cardboard and decorated with paint and gold.


These temporary installations each latest for three months between April and August 2013.


Graciously funded by The Homes and Communities Agency (HCA).   


The Angels In Ancoats accompanying was created by Rebecca Anne Luck (D&Dum Productions). The film premiered at The Handmade Film Festival (2013), Sheffield Doc Fest Videotheque (2014) and Cornerhouse Filmed Up Festival (Sep 2014).

Handmade Film Festival
Sheffield Doc Fest
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