Tuesday 3 March 2020

Volume 672

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With Permission

The situation facing the country is increasingly serious.

51 cases confirmed.

We cannot build a wall or an iron curtain around these islands.

Disease knows no borders.



May I apologise for being a few minutes late?

I had a problem with my printer.




As cases escalate, and we have to assume they probably will,

unless something has changed overnight, 

people are understandably concerned.


Should you have the misfortune to fall ill,

forced to make a choice between health and hardship,

we are absolutely willing,

to wash our hands.

(We are already seeing a shortage of hand-sanitising gel)


This outbreak, is about cool heads and timing.

Getting the timing right.

All the time,

in real time,

several times,

another time,

many times.

The point that has been raised a number of times is that,

timing is really important.

Ask people too early, ask them to move too soon,

they may question whether that advice was the right advice.


My bigger anxiety is encouraging people to visit Buxton,

Britain’s best spa town.

I love going to Buxton.

It will not be a surprise to people,

Buxton is a great place to visit.



I am slightly worried

that he just does not get it.