The Imaginary Book of Imagination 

Mark is in development with a non-fiction guide for both children and adults instructing its reader on how to use their imagination to play a series of unique games. These games come from Mark's own childhood memories playing with friends, as well as donated games from members of the public.


Mark is in discussions with Child Development experts so that in addition to each game a small exert will be included explaining how each game helps to develop different social, mental or physical abilities of a young person. 



The Imaginary Book of Imagination  - An Introduction  


"When I was young, I was a wizard. I brewed potions from grass and lizards. I had battles with lightning and snow, saved princesses from evil foe. 


When I was young, I worked with accounts. I wrote cheques on post-its which never bounced. I spent all day in an office under the stairs, keeping busy with business affairs. 


When I was young, I was a cook. I made dishes from mud and gobbledeguk. I mixed pollen and straw in a very big pot and be pretend full when I ate the lot!


When I was young, I judged gardens for fun. I’d tour them in a wheelbarrow and decide which had won. I’d score them on flowers, on lawns and on trees. On which had the best wildlife, on bunnies and bees.


When I was young I wore a dress, I was a boy but also I was a princess. I imagined long hair and a mythical beast, a knight, a victory and mighty big feast. 


When I was young, I was a thief. I stole diamonds and ran away from police. I’d be put in prison after seeing a judge. I’d plead for my freedom but judge wouldn’t budge.


When I was young, I had it all. I’d run and scream and get scrapes when I’d fall. I imagined my dreams and they would be real, I’d laugh, I’d cry, I’d feel. 


When I was young I’d play with my friends, no buttons, no screens, no internet #trends. I developed my mind through pretend and play, I grew and gained new skills everyday. 


When I was young it was a different time, when in driveways and gardens you heard laughter and rhyme. When kids were just kids with wands and pet dragons, when instead of Twitter we knew how to imagine!


This book is not a relic of a forgotten time, it’s a manual, a guide, it’s a tool for the mind. Read it with children and help them to play, open their minds, help them grow, seize the day!"