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CREATIVE CONTENT MAKERS is a unique skills based training opportunity created for universities and students offering the chance to build engaging, original content for university platforms using the true students’ voice. 

Working with artists & creators, Kate Bradnam and Mark Croasdale, universities can learn how to utilize the student body to create their own digital content including; blogs, videos, images, social posts, live takeovers across different social platforms and in-house communications. 
Students gain training and experience from top creatives equipping them with necessary skills to tell their university journey with their own voice and style. 
This programme builds creative relationships between students and the university to create a strong community, ensuring everyone feels invested and part of something greater, showcasing the unique university experience at its brightest. 


"I can already see the value it’s adding to the university’s official channels… The content being created by students is really engaging, relatable and creative and as such is having a really positive influence on our pages." 
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