Personal Independence Payments: Supreme Court Ruling

23 July 2019

Volume 663

Find the original debate transcript here.

"Five-Minute Mental State Test"

taking 25p away from £1
adds anxiety 

spell “world” backwards.
and be able to go forward

conditions may fluctuate 
And socially isolate

This is not an exact science,
This is a complex exercise
This cruel and discredited PIP assessment

judgment passed down. 
PIP not fit  

I push back on the suggestion


needs to be overhauled 
a serious wake-up call 

I push back on the suggestion


draconian assessments, Ended?
Atos and Capita, extended 

in the space of one question

people in need. 
fight through the courts 

we do welcome the judgment.


60,000 appeals  
inadequate support

we do welcome the judgment.


Government failed 72%
any back payment?

To repeat: we do welcome the judgment.


please answer the question    

The judgment is welcome, of course,

we wanted clarity 
Across society, it adds anxiety 
we will be looking carefully 
Surely, fully and fairly 
To ask, who has responsibility for 
respect and dignity?

But, I am just a, proud, Minister of State
conditions, potentially, may fluctuate
a menu of health conditions to navigate
to go forward and fully integrate 
the process, is to, discriminate
To estimate
The highest rate
To, test, our, mental state